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July 21, 2006
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Ryusei Cosplay by Asukki-chan Ryusei Cosplay by Asukki-chan
Listening to: Ryusei*Honey - Sana (though it's usually credited to Shintani Akira, this is the version that appears on her "~honey moon~" album, as in it's the actual full version)
Full name: Ryusei Cosplay (or "Cosplay Honey")

I wasn't originally gonna post it but since it's part of the Pop'n series (plus I've done a good job on this), I'll post it anyway.

Tsugaru-chan liked my Pop'n Art so much she suggested I submit something to the Bemanistyle (despite the fact I wasn't a member but she told me I didn't have to be one) art book (which was why I wasn't planning to post this). I though for a bit and then it hit me - a Ryusei*Honey cosplay! And who better to do it than Mimi-chan?

It was pretty interesting to see Mimi cosplay as the Shooting Star (the meaning of the word "Ryusei") herself (much to the real Ryusei's shock). I've decided to add more characters (I wasn't planning on it being in space but it was a habit for me to do Ryusei pics in space and so that's why Nyami, Milk, Poet, and Space Maco are in "space bubbles"). As for why Maco, Poet, and Milk are in a different outline, it's because the color used for most of the outlines was also Maco's hair color. May not be noticeable but yes that's Milk (the pink-haired, white clad one in the middle), Space Maco (the pink-dressed, blue-haired one), and Poet (the orange haired one. She's supposed to be an angel but the reference pic I used didn't have a halo) guffawing their lives out.

O-tanoshimi kudasai! Honey! (Wish me luck for the illustration book!)

Mimi, Nyami, Ryusei*Honey, Milk, Space Maco, Poet (c) Konami
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Chaotic-Kyubi Jul 21, 2006  Student General Artist
"Ryusei-Honey!" Woot! Mimi looks kawaii! ^_^
I am also another Pop'n player! :) Fave!
Asukki-chan Jul 21, 2006   General Artist
I noticed - you often comment on ~CyberShadowGrl (whose works caused my Pop'n Fandom), *Natomi, and ~kakumi's stuff. Thanks for the fave and add!
:wow: This is something new! Nice new style and the non-black lines are a nice touch!
XD i love it!~ especailly the fact that she's wearing green!~ excellent job!~
KeeperGryphonstone Jul 21, 2006  Student Traditional Artist
I really like it how you made the out-lines in this one, Asukki-chan. Mimi's quite the perky character who really fits the role as Shooting Star. :aww:
This one looks really sweet =) , great work!
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