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LOVEBANG FI wallpaper by Asukki-chan LOVEBANG FI wallpaper by Asukki-chan
Listening to: 180 Sec Kitchen Battle!! - Orange Lounge (it's basically an extended version of "100 sec Kitchen Battle" with additional vocals)

Okay! I have officially declared the first saga over with Chapter 5 (since I can barely think of anything else to do). Also, the next saga takes place after the spin-offs and side projects (except Space Cowboys. That's an alternate universe). Be prepared for a long but very informative description below

Flashback to LOVEBANG's beginnings (though I want to change the name to LOVE:heart:SHINE now since the name has a double meaning. However, I can't think of when and it doesn't really catch the funnyness of it all, even if I named the comic after a song, in both cases), though in early 2006 (around the time I made this pic. I planned for Breathe (the evil-looking puff looming over Team LOVEBANG) to appear in the next saga following our departed one. Why? Well, this mysterious puff is (as of a few months ago) an umbra-/audiokinetic (meaning she can control shadows and sounds) demon and an underling (kinda like a servant) of Him (which is why it's in the category it's in. He's a silouette because Him is one of the PPG characters I CAN'T draw). Kinda fitting she's a demon - I think that's what Charlie called her on her debut pic (or was it an "evil spirit"? Either way, he appropriately called her an evil being). Anyway, she and him would be after Katsukki (and later, every Cosmic in the Great Cosmos and beyond) for a special power that lies inside every Cosmic - "the Power of All Cosmos."

The next saga would've dark and ridden with demons if it wasn't for a twist of events - the 2005 American Idol finale. Just days prior to that event, the Star Ledger posted an article of how Southerners and Westerners tend to do better than Northerners (and unsurprisingly, the Star Ledger were right since Southerner Taylor Hicks won instead of Westerner Katherine McPhee). The frustration in that another one joined the ranks caused me to immediately adopt the mantra "Southerners always win" and create a LB spoof of Idol, naming it "Fourside Idol" (with Southerner Charlie being the winner and Northerner me being the runner-up, despite me never hearing his real voice). Fortunately, Dan and Andy were there to allow me to vent. Thanks to their development, FI seems ready. In addition to the Fourside Idol contestants, a few other things happen that include a one-man band, secret indie idol groups and rock bands, one of our characters winning an idol audition in Japan (who shall become best friends with another Team LOVEBANG member who dreams of being a rock star, along with being possibly the least likely to be friends with ANYONE else. She also has a mission of her own to rescue her boyfriend, whose soul (and later his powers) is held hostage by the two).

Since they can tie in somehow, I decide to fuse the two ideas together. So in addition to everyone's lives as entertainers, they must deal with the forces and schemes of Him and Breathe (whose puff form isn't her true form but prefers it because "it's easier for her to play beatmania and lay down jams"). Doesn't that sound fun?

Anyway, onto the wallpaper at hand. Well, it's pretty much explained in the previous paragraphs. As for why I'm looking the way I am, I'm blissfully unconcerned (and Katsukki's in her human form, where she uses my real name, so this was based on how I looked today). It was months since I drew anything lineless. Between me and Charlie are Timo, Kevin, Daniel, Becky, Dragonbunny, and Charky (sorry you're not in the WP, Andy and Ash, but I can assure you that you're in it. After all, you are members of Team LOVEBANG).

*phew* That's a lot of explaning. Haven't done a description this long since "Oniisan Houfuku." (Then again, one other deviant I watch thens to make long descriptions when introducing a new character).

O-tanoshimi kudasai

If you want to save and/or use it: [link] (it's only 800x600. Sorry)
AkuBlossom Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2006
Why do you always portray me as mentally retarded with pathetic glasses? Just once I'd like to look somewhat dignified. And what about Hailey? You didn't mention her at all. Also on that note Dan, Timo, and I have really boring hair in comparison with everyone else.
Azamond Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2006
Nice wallpaper! You put alot of work in this, i can see it =) .
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